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We have a super fast and reliable Virtual Private Server SSD hosting for our clients. + The first 3 months are Free, you can cancel or move before getting charged. + You will get an SSL (https) certificate for FREE. Most people choose the GoDaddy type of hosting because it's rather cheap, but it can literally ruin your conversion rate because it's a shared hosting, and you share your IP with thousands of other people. That isn't good for user experience and site speed, 2 important ranking factors. Our hosting is VPS SSD, has lightning speed, and it'll be a lot easier for us to maintain everything on the back-end. Price is $25/month or $225/year
If you don't want to use our VPS hosting, Please provide us with the login information for your hosting account. We need this in order to install and set up the site. Make sure that your domain nameservers are pointing to your hosting's IP addresses if you're going to use our hosting then you don't have to answer this question. If you have any questions shoot us an email to info@brandbuilders.io
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